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King Mitchell

S1 : E1

TV-G | 23 min | Aired: 05.08.13

A very strange thing has happened at Strange Hill. Mitchell has actually completed an assignment, having made a beautiful wooden skateboard.

Mitchell, Becky, and Templeton set out to discover their school's mysteries and secrets. Along the way, they encounter monsters, paradoxes, and crazy nonsense as they attempt to avoid the headmaster and Mitchell's nemesis, Mr. Abercrombie.


Richard Ayoade, Ben Bailey Smith, John Thomson, Caroline Aherne, Eden Gamliel, Emma Kennedy, Jonathan Keeble, Marc Silk, John Tobias, Melissa Sinden, Matt King


Bob Higgins, Sarah Muller, Sander Schwartz, Kat Van Venderson

full-episodes (26)

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