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Episode Song Title Album Artist Buy
113 Moon Begins Emily Alone Florist
113 Weapon of Choice Baby 81 Black Rebel Motorcylce Club
113 Willow Blackwater Holylight; Blackwater Holylight
113 Brass Tacks Bikini Not in the Face
113 Troubled Tracks Troubled Tracks - Single Cowboy and Indian
113 Aim for the Heart (inst) No Justice Federale
113 I Feel A Good One Coming On I Feel a Good One Coming On Jimmy Hunsucker And The Truck Drivers
112 Tomb Stranger than Strangers APES
112 Letting Go Sweet Unknown Erika Wennerstrom
112 Do It Again Best New Music Homer
112 Bloom Bloom Arch Leaves
112 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Luther Dickinson
112 Jingle Bells Holiday Tribute To The King Jimmy
112 Weeds Weeds - Single A. Sinclair
112 Night Back Home Daniel Spaleniak
112 This Means War Between Us - EP Calliope Musicals
111 Mavis And It’s Still Alright Nathaniel Rateliff
111 Warm Big Bunny Alaska Reid
111 The Real Thing (inst) Myth of the Heart Sahara Smith
111 Now and Then Okey Dokey Natural Child
111 The Sacred and the Profane Okra Candy Shinyribs
111 Before They Pass By Strange to Explain Woods
110 Strangeways Strangeways The Sanco Loop
110 Get Up Get Up Wiretree
110 How'm I Gonna Find You Now Complicated Game James McMurtry
110 Lovin Days Denney and the Jets - EP Denney and The Jets
110 Good Boy N/A Production
110 Sugar Shark Fade Away/Sugar Shark - Single The Medium
110 Run Wild (feat. NoMBe) Run Wild (feat NoMBe) - Single Thutmose & NoMBe
110 You’re On Your Own Control Constant Smiles
110 Get It Right Time Undone Kalu and the Electric Joint
110 Fools Gold From the Sun - EP Tin Sparrow
110 Better With You N/A Production
109 In Corners Mamahawk Mamahawk
109 Road Trip Road Trip (feat. Kirsten Proffit) - Single Kalli feat. Kirsten Proffit
109 Preacher And Into Heaven Came the Night; Lincoln Durham
109 Just Gang Shine P-Lo
109 Hot Mess Cobalt The Owsley Brothers
109 Gonna Be Your Boy Leopold and his Fiction Leopold and His Fiction
108 Looking For Poised to Flourish Tres Oui
108 It's Better to Spend Money Like There's No Tomorrow We Are All Where We Belong Quiet Company
108 Time Undone Time Undone Kalu and the Electric Joint
108 Nobody's Favorite Nobody’s Favourite - Single Mobley
108 Way Over My Head Way Over My Head (feat Melika) - Single Love Taps & Chi Duly feat. Melika
108 Follow You Follow You - Single Pretty Hectic
108 Loneliness Pt. II Birthday Boy (Party Favors); Aaron Taos & Spill Tab
108 Dust Bowl Polyester John Evans Band
108 I Don't Wanna Dance Siren Song - Single Celine Cairo
108 So Quickly So Quickly - Single Secrecies
107 Sunset Canyon Foxwarren Foxwarren, Andy Shauf & D.A. Kissick
107 Mirrors of Paradise A Light That Never Dies KaiL Baxley
107 Hate And Into Heaven Came the Night Lincoln Durham
107 De Carora a South Congress Cilantro Boombox Cilantro Boombox
107 Humble Brag Humble Brag Super Best Frens Club
107 The Warning The Warning - Single Quiet Company
107 Fresh Crash Crash
107 Melao Cilantro Boombox Cilantro Boombox
106 Broken Foot Make Up Wiretree
106 Calling It Signal Automatic
106 Summer Begs Suburban Nature Sarah Jaffe
106 Follow You Pretty Hectic Pretty Hectic
106 Say What You Mean Son of a Basko Rubber Band Gun
106 Magnolia Magnolia - EP Mail the Horse
106 Hot Year The Sanco Loop The Sanco Loop
106 Hangin’ On Western Youth Western Youth
106 Kinda Shaken The Kingston Springs The Kingston Springs
105 You And I In Preparation for Saturn’s Return Ali Holder
105 If I Die Private Lives Low Cut Connie
105 CMP9442 Danger Zone Crucial Music Corporation Bon Johnson
105 Heaven And Into Heaven Came The Night Lincoln Durham
105 Last Dance N/A Production
105 This Is Mine Nothing Really Matters Think No Think
105 Hate the Taste Specter At the Feast Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
105 Although We Cry So Long Paul & The Tall Trees
104 Foot Down Heart Attack Tomar and The FCs
104 Are You Ready For This Thing Called Love N/A Production
104 The Barrel Designer Aldous Harding
104 Fool For You Unreleased Jerky Mills & The Kill Bills
104 Honey Butter Honey Butter - Single SWELLS
104 Higher Rise – EP Twin Buffalo
104 Tell Your Mother Tell Your Mother - Single Dr Joe
104 American Miles Lucky Enough Reed Foehl
104 City’s Alive Chief White Lightning Chief White Lightning
104 Long Time Coming Burn Down the Road Cowboy Diplomacy
103 You Gotta Give It Up (Party Song) The Whole Shebang Charlie Faye & the Fayettes
103 Trouble Blessings From Home (Vol 1) - EP L.A. Edwards
103 CMI18397 VIP Crucial Music Corporation Saiah
103 My Kingdom’s Come Sugaroo! Samuel Jack
103 Wait Around Blues Wait Around Blues - Single Loteria
103 CMI3465 We Lift Our Hands Crucial Music Corporation Dave R. Wilson
103 Way Over My Head (feat. Melika) Way Over My Head (feat. Melika) – Single Love Taps & Chi Duly
103 Young Unreleased SWELLS
103 Tusk Tusk Fleetwood Mac
103 Polyester Polyester John Evans
103 Kids These Days Can’t Wake Up Shakey Graves
102 Waiting For The Sun Hollywood Town Hall The Jayhawks
102 Don’t You Break My Heart Don’t You Break My Heart (Remaster 2020) - Single Hollyy
102 You Must Have Met Little Caroline? Let The Good Times Roll JD McPherson
102 Everybody’s Waiting For Us Album Unknown Big City
102 Born Dirty To Last Forever Up Your Sleeve B/W Born Dirty to Last Forever - Single Wires on Fire
102 Dizzy Spells Let Us Make You Money - EP Sadie and the Ladies
102 Wrecking Ball The Lower 48 Collection The Lower 48
102 Extraordinary Life Our Two Skins Gordi
101 Rhythm Revue Rhythm Revue - Single Loteria
101 Go Down River Life and Life Only - EP The Heavy Heavy
101 It Might Get Dark Performance White Denim
101 Low Chill Russell Chill Russell
101 Those Who Wait River Swimmer Christy Hays
101 Westfall Don’t Fall In Love With Everyone You See Okkervil River
101 Waters Crossed Unreleased Royal Forest
101 The Hard Way A Long Way from Your Heart Turnpike Troubadours
101 RUN RUN - Single Abhi The Nomad
101 Poison In The Well Pyramid Scheme The Ragged Jubilee & Ethan Burns
101 Valley Sundowner Kevin Morby
101 Livin’ In Livin’ In - Single The Mammoths
101 Souvenir Boygenius - EP boygenius
101 In A River In A River - Single Rostam
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