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Episode Song Title Album Artist Buy
322 My Love Donnie Owens
322 When The Party's Over Billie Eilish
322 My Echo Won't Leave Me Alone Jeffey Bristol
321 Daddy Lessons Cast
321 Where Your Secrets Hide Klergy ft. Katie Garfield
321 Never Let You Go Waldeck
320 If I Was Annie Williams ft. Justin March
320 Head Over Heels Tears For Fears
320 Joan Of Arc Orchestreal Manoeuvres in The Dark
320 Sweet Tweet Hot Cats
320 Dreaming of Me Depeche Mode
320 Eye Of the Tiger (Re-Record) Survivor
320 Little Girl Deviny James
319 Ain't Gonna Be Blue Jack's Cats
319 Bad Kingdom Mary and Robot Koch
319 New Victor Dick Dale
319 Eve Kat Cunning
319 Power + Charm Jenny O
319 Swamp Mist Brick Fleagle
319 Buckley Get Your Gun Ghostel
319 Back To Black Cast
319 Fear Nothing (Piano Version) Cast
318 Ah Fors'e lui Naxos
318 Vaille Que Vaille Paris Combo
318 My Temptation Klergy
318 I Know He Loves Me Hayley Ross
318 Walls of My Heart Vision Vision
318 Oom Sha La La Hayley Heynderickx
318 My Love Lingers On Peter Sivo Band
318 Yoo Hoo Imperial Teen
317 It Was Metal A Sound of Thunder
317 Chances Aquamarine
317 I'm Gonna Walk Billy Myles
317 We Appreciate Power Grimes
317 Grateful The Clicketts
317 A Lovers Question Silver
316 But Not For Me The Clicketts
316 I Feel an Urge Coming Nick Waterhouse
316 Heathers: The Musical film score cues David Newman
316 Heathers: The Musical Cast
315 Baby I'm Crying Vicki & The Van Dykes
315 She Is My Dream The Tads
315 Call Your Girlfriend Cast
315 Can't Stop Me Now Kid Dean
315 Young and On Fire Beginners
315 Villians K. Flay
315 Cave Crawl Warm Drag
314 What Love Can Do The Ascots
314 Thank You Pretty Baby WILSN
314 Don't Do Me Any Favors Pat Hodges
314 I Gotta Believe Nadine Jansen
314 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Cast
314 The Flu Lala Lala
314 Start The Motor Tracy Bryant
314 Blue Eyes Girl Pack
314 Love of No Return Pete Sivo Band
313 You're Nothing But A Pack Of Cards The Mighty Sceptres
313 You Got Me Hypnotized Ghostess
313 We Don't Need Another Hero Cast
313 Toro Liily
313 The Other Side of Midnight Nick Freitas
313 A Girl Can Dream Girl Pack
312 Thrills Donna Missal
312 People Like Us Cast
312 Blood Song Sense X
312 L.O.V.E. Toni Ferarri
312 Haven't You Heard The North Panics
312 24 Hrs The Dialtones
312 Dans Le Noir Juniore
312 Stay With Me Honeydew Melancholy
312 Point De Vue Marie Bustato
312 Why Do Fools Fall In Love Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
311 Sooner or Later Cast
311 Manchester Et Liverpool Barry
310 Play it Loud Electric Owls
310 All is Lost Katie Garfield
310 Hopeless Donnie Logan
310 Eres Tu Cast
310 Background Singer Tracy Bryant
309 Lookin' Out My Backdoor Creedance Clearwater Revival
309 Port OTR
309 Cabaret Cast
309 Where Is My Love Lonely Girl
309 Maybe This Time Cast
308 You Were Only Fooling Hazel Lowe (Cover)
308 Wish You Were Dead LeeLou
308 On the Run Rainout
308 Blue Angel Red Rosamond (Cover)
308 Ram Jam Elle King
307 Fight for Survival Klergy with Valerie Broussard
307 Medication Valse Jack Nitzsche
307 These Wicked Games Meme
307 Cold Thunder Nick Frietas
307 SOS Blues Felicia Carter
307 Good Luck Charm (Cover) Mike Fiore
306 The Ballad of Palladin Johnny Western
305 Angel Baby Sara Jackson- Holman (Cover)
305 Strange Times, Dark Days Isla June
305 A War Bird
305 Queen Bee Jamra
305 Fools Fall In Love Brock Tyler (Cover)
304 Everybody Wants to Rule the World Tears For Fears
304 Seasick Yet Still Docked Morrissey
304 Dream Warriors Cast
304 Modern Love David Bowie
304 Take On Me A- ha
304 1.00 Spandau Ballet
304 Forever Young Alphaville
304 Dancing With Myself Generation X
303 Solace Peter Blair
303 Dream Lover Hazel Lowe
303 Love, Love Love Me Girl Pack
303 J'adore Campfire
303 Voila Maggie Eckford
303 By My Side Tony Ferrari
303 Jingle Jangle The Archies
303 Excusez- Moi Axelle Red
303 Anything Goes Cast
302 Jailhouse Rock n/a Cast
302 Faithful To You Betty Simpson Betty Simpson
302 Jumpsuit Trench Twenty One Pilots
302 A Million Pieces n/a Aquamarine
302 Dream Lover (Bobby Darin Cover) Single Morgxn
302 Bijou Nocturne (feat John and the Volta) Le Touch Slove
301 Gangsters or Lovers Pleaser Beginners
301 Good Vibrations Single Beach Boys
301 Like It Or Not Single Willa J
301 Youngblood Youngblood 5 Seconds Of Summer
301 Walk Through The Fire Single Klergy ft. Bellsaint
301 Yazz Street Queen The Years
301 You've Got Me Running In Circles Sonny Cleveland - EP Sonny Cleveland
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