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Episode Song Title Album Artist Buy
213 Bye Bye Love Unknown album The Everly Brothers
213 Big Bang Blues Unknown album Breanna Barbara
213 You Are Singing My Song Unknown album Durwood Haddock
213 Sugar, Sugar Sugar, Sugar The Archies
213 Out in the Country Dancin’ With Wolves Natural Child
213 Now and Then Okey Dokey Natural Child
212 Leave Her Alone Vintage Country 1957-1969 Donnie Owens
212 Dorian Dolce Dolce Wang
212 High House of Mysteries Skyline Pigeons
211 Love Is Strange Love Is Strange Mickey & Sylvia
211 Distressor Unknown album Gothic Tropic & Bloodthirsty
210 Mony Mony Don’t Stop EP Billy Idol
210 These Dreams Heart Heart
209 Walking Around Your Brain Sky in Your Pocket Danny Carnahan
209 Walk Away Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards (Remastered) Tom Waits
209 Lost in Your Love Beachwood Dr – EP Colyer
209 Ruckus Unknown album Dewwy
209 Everybody Wants It Unknown album Jung Youth
209 IO_Everything Unknown album Alano Adam
209 Lovefool First Band on the Moon The Cardigans
209 Just The Same A Song for Every Moon Bruno Major
208 Blood Red Sentimental Blues Paranoid Cocoon Cotton Jones
207 Kissing Knives Long Way Home Blake Brown & the American Dust Choir
207 Don’t Forget Innerstanding Maverick Sabre
207 Everything Falls in Line Unknown album Grand Am
207 Lover’s Lime Don’t Stop Lens Mozer
207 Round and Round In a Heartbeat – EP Cannons
206 Wrong Turn Velvet – Single Rodes Rollins
206 My Type Colors LG
206 Party Song Black Toast Music, LLC Black Toast Studio Musicians and Singers
206 Pull Up In A Whip Unknown album John Fulford
206 DaNcing in a RoOm Afraid of the Dark – EP EZI
206 The Middle Unknown album Bosco Rodgers
205 And Try Unknown album O.D. Hunt
205 Immaculate Rip (Instrumental) Unknown album Ex-Display Model
204 Nice Night APM Music APM Studio Musicians
204 One Belief FirstCom Music FirstCom Studio Musicians and Singers
204 Our Way to Fall And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out Our Way to Fall Yo La Tengo
204 CMP19583 Back Together Crucial Music Corporation Crucial Studio Musicians
204 Beneath The Pavement Peace Sign Marias
204 Glorious Glorious – Single Nafets
204 Druidia3.2 Unknown album Book
203 Heartaches (feat. The Jordanaires) Sentimentally Yours Patsy Cline
203 Me Oh My (Instrumental) Unknown album Brittany Pfantz
203 Game Plan Unknown album Kevin Miller (ft. Augustine)
203 Mystery Man Velvet – Single Rodes Rollins
203 Backwards In a Heartbeat – EP Cannons
202 Yesterday Fades Away Unknown album Blisstine
202 2 Bit Blues (edit) Unknown album Kid Koala
202 Put A Flower In Your Pocket Yours, Dreamily The Arcs
201 Aching King Don’t Lose It Ethan Ballinger
201 Hooked Mexican Coke Denney and The Jets
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