Episode Song Title Album Artist Buy
108 The Gardener Elegies Tiny Deaths
108 Gonna Be a Good Day Like What You See – EP Rayelle
108 Shockwave Unknown album Modulations
108 Geometry Unknown album Two Headed Hound
108 Beating Backwards Signals – EP Lava Beds
108 Carry You (ft. Fleurie) Carry You (feat. Fleurie) – Single Ruelle
108 Headrush (feat. Claire Ridgely) Headrush (feat. Claire Ridgely) – Single Aléatoire
108 Trust Trust – Single Sophie Lowe
108 Heart Shaped Shimmers – EP Shimmers
107 Mansane Ciss FirstCom Music FirstCom Studio Musicians
107 Sweet Spot Sweet Spot – Single Rainsford
107 Nonkilling 13 – Ceiling For The Sky The Anteroom How To Dress Well
107 Ridin' The Waves (feat. Effy and Outlaw The Artist) Flight – EP VenessaMichaels (feat. Effy and Outlaw The Artist)
107 Wild Fire Secretear Brandy Zdan
107 Fat Pop Unknown album JUKE
107 A Phoenix And A Fish The Fifth State of Consciousness Peaking Lights
107 Thorns Thorns – Single Tremble
107 Wildfire Skeleton Coast I – EP Spelles
106 Miss You Much Rhythm Nation 1814 Janet Jackson
106 Above Above – Single Kenan Bell
106 Paranoid Quiet Your Mind Emily Warren
106 CMP19396 Ambient Space Flute Crucial Music Corporation Cari Live
106 Demons Unknown album Facing West
106 Hot Tub Hot Tub – Single Sabri
106 Let Them Know Unknown album Chick Norris
106 Paul's Spirit Lives APM Music APM Studio Musicians
106 Devils I Know Unknown album Clavvs
106 A Girl Gang Ivory Gin Wigmore
106 Pange Lingua APM Music APM Studio Musicians
106 Feet Don't Fail Me Now Feet Don’t Fail Me Now – Single Facing West
106 Vodou Drum 3 APM Music APM Studio Musicians
106 Wake Me Up Wake Me Up (feat. Fleurie) – Single Tommee Profitt (feat. Fleurie)
106 Fearless Helen of Memphis Amy Stroup
106 Easy Easy – Single Sibling
105 No Better Shanti – EP Raveena
105 La Favorita – L’ai-je Bien Entendu APM Music APM Studio Musicians and Singers
105 Mention Immigracious - EP Desta French
105 The Edge Unreleased album Anna Mae
105 Spell On Me Spell On Me - Single VenessaMichaels (ft. Leslyn & Outlaw The Artist)
105 Fading Out Scalene – EP Ivory Circle
104 Doom Service Extreme Music Group Holdings LLC Extreme Studio Musicians & Singers
104 Fault Line Sugar Mountain Jack River
104 Lucky Lucky – Single Tommy Genesis
104 Dead In The Water Skeleton Coast I – EP SPELLES
104 Lighting Lighting – E Odd Beholder
104 Control No Rain, No Flowers Sabrina Claudio
103 Spell On Me Unknown album VenessaMichaels (ft. Leslyn & Outlaw The Artist)
103 Ready Unknown album Paige Blue
103 Bumpin’ Unknown album Tia P
103 IO_The Magic Unknown album Red Red Lips
103 Things Are Gonna Get Better Unknown album Megan Rice
103 Tricks And Treats Emergency Love Little Shalimar
103 Ready To Go (feat. Dynamite MC) Typecast The Funk Hunters
103 Can't Stop Can’t Stop – Single Anevo
103 Ever Elegies Tiny Deaths
103 Tide Unknown album Gemini Bitch Slap
103 ANXT Distractions Random Recipe
102 In A Perfect World Honey Bun Elastic Bond
102 The Flow Unreleased Kori Lynn
102 Just Like Heaven I Slept Thru The 80’s The Big Bright
101 Havana Camila Camila Cabello
101 Feel So Good (feat. Shay Marie) Unreleased Mr. Robotic feat. Shay Marie
101 Undercovers Teeth – EP GGOOLLDD
101 Don’t Take Your Love Don't Take Your Love - Single Mirror People
101 She Loves Control Camila Camila Cabello
101 Bulletproof Vitals MUTEMATH
101 Feels So Good Feels Mad Circuit & Nyzzy Nyce
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