The CW Television Network
“World Dog Awards Promotion”
Submission Guidelines


The CW Network, LLC (“The CW” or “Network”) is the sponsor of the World Dog Awards Promotion (“Promotion”), and Juma Entertainment, LLC is the producer (“Producer”) of the “World Dog Awards” (the “Program”), a television program featuring dog centered videos and seeking submissions by members of the public of their home videos showing funny and/or unique dog centered events for possible telecast on the The CW Network and/or other CW-branded or affiliated platforms (“CW Platforms”). The CW and Producer shall collectively be referred herein as the “Administrator”. At Administrator’s sole discretion, videos submitted may also be posted on, but in no way limited to, the World Dog Awards website at (the “Website”) and may be further used as stated herein and/or in the submission materials. Only videos conforming to Network’s Broadcast Standards and Practices, based on Administrator’s judgment, as it determine in its sole discretion, will be eligible for consideration in the Promotion.

By submitting a video (a “Submission”), you (“Entrant”) hereby accept and agree to the following Submission Guidelines of this Promotion and decisions of Administrator in connection with the Promotion.

This is NOT a Contest. No prizes will be awarded.


1.  Persons wishing to submit may upload as many different home videos as they wish on the Website ( by following the instructions on the Website. Submitting your videos(s) on the aforementioned platforms and agreeing to the terms of service thereof transfers exclusive ownership in the submitted video to Administrator.

2.  All Submissions become the sole property of Administrator and may be used in any manner, commercial or otherwise, in any and all media and/or technologies now known or hereafter devised throughout the universe in perpetuity.

3.  If submitting videos via the Website please submit your highest quality video file up to 2 GB. The recommended specifications are 30 Frames Per Second with 1280×720 Resolution. Acceptable file formats are: MPEG (.mpg/.mpeg/.m4v), QuickTime Movie (.mov), AVI (.avi), and Windows Media Video (.WMV). Administrator particularly recommends MPEG4 (MPG) compression types (CODECS) such as H.264, DivX, Xvid, and AVC. The recommended length is up to 10 minutes. Message and data rates may apply for videos submitted via the WORLD DOG AWARDS mobile applications; entrants are responsible for all fees incurred through their wireless device associated with participation in this Promotion. Please consult your wireless service provider for details regarding your message and data plan(s). Instructions for uploading the videos can be found on the Website at Entrant understands and agrees his/her video submission may receive exposure on the Website,,, and/or associated Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Pinterest and Instagram channels, official and/or other websites, platforms and media as Administrator determines in its sole discretion and may be subjected to comments and popularity ratings from the public at large. Administrator is not responsible in any manner for any remarks posted by the public pertaining to an entrant or an entrant’s video. Additional information regarding online submissions may be available at the Website.

4.  Administrator reserves the right to edit and/or alter any Submission in Administrator’s sole discretion.

5.  Administrator’s decisions regarding all Promotion matters are final and non-appealable. All Submissions are subject to the terms of these guidelines and all entrants agree to be bound by these guidelines and Administrator’s decisions. Administrator reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend these guidelines at any time in which case Administrator will post the revised guidelines on the Website. Due to the ongoing nature of the Promotion, the guidelines may be updated several times throughout the season; please review them on the Website frequently. The guidelines in effect at whatever time the submission is judged will apply regardless of submission date.

6.  Administrator is not responsible for Internet system and hardware failures; delayed, incomplete or unsuccessful transmission of video or other submission information; technical malfunctions of any kind; human error; information loss and downtime; or any costs, losses, liability or damages resulting from any such failures. In the event of any such technical difficulty, malfunction or error, Administrator reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take such actions as it deems appropriate in keeping with the fairness and integrity of the Promotion, including without limitation a determination to take no action.


1.  Employees of Producer, The CW, each of their respective parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies and anyone involved in the production or administration of the Promotion and/or the Program, as well as the immediate family/same household members of any of the foregoing individuals are not eligible to submit. “Immediate family members” shall mean parents, step-parents, children, step-children, grandchildren, step-grandchildren, siblings, step-siblings, or spouses, regardless of where they live. “Household members” shall mean people who share the same residence at least three (3) non-consecutive months a year, whether related or not.

2.  The Promotion is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C. and to active members of the United States Armed Forces who are deployed abroad (excluding such persons who are otherwise legal residents of and/or deployed in the geographical areas listed below) and their immediate family members residing with them. Void in Quebec, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and other U.S. territories and possessions, and where prohibited or restricted by law.

3.  Administrator reserves the right to at any time implement new eligibility criteria and/or modify existing eligibility criteria, including, without limitation, geographical and age restrictions.

4.  Entrant must be 18 years of age or older as of the date of submission or age of majority, whichever is older in his/her state of residence at the date of submission

5.  Entrant (and, any person appearing in the submission) must not be a candidate for public office and must agree not to become such a candidate for eighteen (18) months from the date Entrant makes a submission.

6. Submissions:

  • must be suitable for presentation in a public forum, in the sole determination of Administrator.
  • must not include any person other than entrant and his/her pet, unless entrant has written permission from any and all third parties appearing in the submission (provided Administrator, in its discretion, may accept any permission sent).
  • must not include threats to any person, place, business, group or world peace; and except for the topic provided by Administrator herein, must not include thoughts, ideas, lyrics, music (other than as provided herein) or any creative element other than the criteria set forth herein.
  • must satisfy all eligibility requirements set forth herein; and shall not be disparaging, abusive, sexually explicit, sexually suggestive, offensive, illegal, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, offensive, indecent, in bad taste, reflect negatively on Administrator or promote or incite violence, terrorism, or illegal acts, or be otherwise objectionable (all as determined by the Administrator in its sole discretion).
  • must be solely the original work of Entrant, which Entrant represents and warrants.
  • must not: (i) infringe any third party's rights, including, without limitation, copyright, trademark, right of publicity, right of privacy or trade secret and, must not in any way violate applicable laws and regulations; and (ii) contain any commercial content that promotes any product or service or contain or reference any third party names, logos, service marks, trademarks, trade names or trade dress – to which Entrant represents and warrants.

The determination of whether a Submission violates any of the above prohibitions shall be within the Administrator’s sole discretion. If Submission is deemed by the Administrator to violate any such prohibition(s), the Submission shall be disqualified. Administrator reserves the right to reproduce the Submissions in full (or to not reproduce any particular Submission at all), or edit and enhance the Submission at its discretion. Administrator is authorized to use or not use the Submission as they see fit, including usage in advertising. All Submissions uploaded will not be returned to Entrant.

Administrator will not be responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced entries. Administrator reserves the right to take down any Submission at any time and for any reason or for no reason at all in Administrator’s sole discretion.

7. Videos must not have been telecast on national television previously to be eligible for the Promotion. After submission of your video, it must be exclusive to Administrator, The CW, and by submitting your video, you grant to Administrator all right, title and interest in the video, and, upon Administrator’s request, shall sign consent forms and/or other releases as required by Administrator (collectivelythe “Releases”). If your submitted video was posted on an internet website(s) prior to submission to Administrator, you must make every reasonable attempt to remove your submitted video from such websites at the time you submit your video to Administrator. In the event you are unable to do so, or if your video has been widely disseminated and/or viewed via the Internet, Administrator reserves the right to disqualify your submission at any time. However, Administrator is under no obligation to take any action in this regard.

8.  Each Entrant acknowledges and agrees that competing submissions may or may not have received exposure in any or all types of media, including without limitation social media sites, news, and entertainment sites (collectively, the “Media”) prior to their submission to WORLD DOG AWARDS. Entrant understands, agrees and assumes the risk of any such Media exposure of competing submissions, whether or not commensurate with that of their own submissions. Entrant explicitly acknowledges and agrees that the releases given by entrant in submitting entrant’s submission shall cover any claim, expense or liability arising from or relating to such Media contact or exposure, or the lack thereof.

9.  Each Entrant acknowledges and agrees that his/her submission may or may not receive exposure in Media, that competing submissions may receive more or less exposure in the Media subsequent to submission to WORLD DOG AWARDS, and that Administrator, and/or third parties may initiate, assist or cooperate with Media requests or exposure in connection with any submission(s). Entrant understands, agrees and assumes the risk that Media exposure of his/her submission, if any, may not be the same or commensurate with that of other competing submissions. Entrant explicitly acknowledges and agrees that the Releases given by entrant in submitting Entrant’s Submission shall cover any claim, expense or liability arising from or relating to such Media contact or exposure, or the lack thereof. Entrant agrees that he/she will not seek Media exposure for his/her submission, and he/she will report all requests for interviews or any other direct or indirect Media contact to Administrator for approval, in Administrator’s sole discretion, prior to participating in any interview or other Media contact.

 10.  All Entrants agree that Administrator is not responsible for any error, omission, interruption, delay, deletion or defect with respect to the transmission and/or broadcast of any program including, without limitation, any local, regional or national preemption (whether partial or total).  All Entrants expressly assume the risk of program an Entrant preemptions, which may occur nationally or in certain local markets including without limitation in the market in which a may reside. Any such preemption(s) may occur at any time and may affect, in whole or in part, the airing of any episode. The preempted episode(s) may or may not be broadcast at an alternate time and the date and time of such rescheduled broadcast, should it occur, may or may not be announced in advance and may or may not draw the same number of viewers as the originally scheduled date and time. Administrator may at its sole option elect to disregard any such preemption in administering the Promotion or take any other measures it deems suitable to address any such preemption.

11.  Administrator reserves the right to at any time change voting eligibility and procedures (if applicable).

12.  In addition to the rights granted when uploading submissions to the Website, or any other electronic form of submission, Entrants whose videos are chosen for possible inclusion in an episode of the Program or other Administrator-selected platform attest, among other things, to the fact that they are the rightful owners of the submitted videos and that the video may be submitted and broadcast, and ownership transferred to Administrator, without obtaining permission from or making any payment to any third party. Any submission containing third party content may be subject to disqualification. All persons submitting a video or appearing in or heard in a video grants to Administrator the ownership rights in the video(s) and the right to use such person’s name, voice and likeness in any manner, commercial or otherwise, and in any and all media and/or technologies whether now known or hereafter devised throughout the universe and in perpetuity, including, without limitation, for programming, promotional and advertising purposes) before the submission can be considered. Upon Administrator’s request, Entrants agree to sign further documentation attesting to the foregoing releases. Failure to provide requested Releases and/or consents may result in disqualification of entrant. These Releases will be provided (if at all) by the Administrator following video submission. Notwithstanding the foregoing, submission of a video constitutes the Entrant’s permission to use the video and the name, voice and likeness of the entrant, as well as the Entrant’s representation that he/she has obtained all necessary permissions and approvals to use the video and the name, voice and likeness of all persons appearing in the video, in and in connection with the Program and any and all other exploitations thereof or otherwise, including, without limitation, for programming, advertising and promotional purposesin all media and/or technologies, now known or hereinafter created.


Any use or exploitation of Submissions shall be determined in Administrator’s sole discretion. From time to time, Administrator may request home videos on specific topics, such as particular voting categories. Such submissions will be included with the general submission pool for Promotion purposes and will compete with the general submission pool unless otherwise stated. All videos must conform to Network’s Broadcast Standards and Practices policies, based on Administrator’s judgment, as they determine in their sole discretion. Administrator’s decision shall be final and binding in all respects.


The deadline dates for the Promotion is yet to be determined, but will be announced in these guidelines in advance of the deadlines for submissions.  Check these guidelines on the Website frequently for updates. All videos must be received by Administrator on or before the applicable deadline date to be eligible for inclusion in that block.

Deadline dates are subject to change at Administrator’s sole discretion.


1. Integrity of Promotion. If, for any reason, the Promotion is not capable of running as planned by reason of infection by computer virus, worms, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, cancellation or pre-emption of show, or any other causes which Administrator, in its sole opinion believes could corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Promotion, Administrator reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this Promotion as Administrator may deem fair and appropriate.

2. Lost or Corrupted Entries. Administrators and their members, parents, affiliated and subsidiary companies and advertising and promotion agencies, assume no liability and are not responsible for, and you hereby forever waive any rights to any claim in connection with, lost, late, incomplete, corrupted, stolen, misdirected, illegible or postage due entries or mail, if applicable; or for any computer, telephone, cable, network, satellite, electronic or Internet hardware or software malfunctions, unauthorized human intervention, or the incorrect or inaccurate capture of submission or other information, or the failure to capture any such information. Administrators and their members, parents, affiliated and subsidiary companies, advertising and promotion agencies, are not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by registration information submitted by end users or tampering, hacking, or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in this Promotion, and assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to the Promotion.

3. Damaged Property. Administrator and their members, parents, affiliated and subsidiary companies and advertising and promotion agencies, assume no liability and are not responsible for, and you hereby forever waive any rights to any claim in connection with, injury or damage to any entrants or to any other person's computer or property related to or resulting from participating in this Promotion or downloading materials from this Promotion.

4. Promotion Errors. Administrator, and their members, parents, affiliated and subsidiary companies and advertising and promotion agencies, assume no liability and are not responsible for, and you hereby forever waive any rights to any claim in connection with, errors and/or ambiguity: (a) in the Promotion; (b) in any related advertising or promotion of this Promotion; and/or (c) in these Submission Guidelines. In the event of any ambiguity(s) or error(s) in these Submission Guidelines, Administrator reserves the right to modify these Submission Guidelines for clarification purposes or to correct any such ambiguity or error(s) without materially affecting the terms and conditions of the Promotion.

5. Release and Indemnity. By submitting, each entrant agrees to release, discharge, defend and hold harmless Juma Entertainment, The CW Network LLC, the broadcasters/distributors of “World Dog Awards” and each of their respective members, parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies and each of their respective licensees, assigns, officers, directors, employees, members, partners, agents and representatives (collectively, the “Released Parties”), from and against any claim, expense or liability directly or indirectly arising from or related to submission, exhibition or exploitation of the submission, participation in this Promotion, appearance on the Program, or otherwise and/or acceptance or use or, to the extent applicable, misuse of any prize (including any travel or activity related thereto).



8. Binding Arbitration. The parties waive all rights to trial in any action or proceeding instituted in connection with these Guidelines and/or this Promotion. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Guidelines and/or this Promotion shall be settled by binding arbitration in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association. Any such controversy or claim shall be arbitrated on an individual basis, and shall not be consolidated in any arbitration with any claim or controversy of any other party. The arbitration shall be conducted in the State of California, in the Country of Los Angeles and judgment on the arbitration award may be entered into any court having jurisdiction thereof.

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction. This promotion is governed by US law and is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Void where prohibited by law. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Guidelines, or the rights and obligations of entrant and Administrator in connection with this Promotion, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of California, U.S.A., without giving effect to the conflict of laws rules thereof, and any matters or proceedings which are not subject to arbitration as set forth in Section 8 above and/or for entering any judgment on an arbitration award, shall take place in the State of California, in the Country of Los Angeles.

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