What is The CW Network app?
  • A new mobile application which offers free, ad supported, on-demand access to CW content
  • Features include full episodes, photos, clips, on-air schedule and a social section to stay connected with CW fans
Which devices will support The CW Network app?
  • iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad® - Requires iOS 4.0 software
  • Android™ phone, Android™ tablet - Requires Flash 10.0
    • HTC EVO™ 4G
    • HTC EVO Shift™ 4G
    • HTC Inspire™ 4G
    • HTC Nexus One with Google
    • HTC Thunderbolt
    • Motorola Droid
    • Motorola Droid 2
    • Motorola Droid Pro
    • Motorola Droid X
    • Motorola Atrix 4G
    • Motorola Photon™ 4G
    • Samsung Nexus S with Google
    • Samsung Epic™ 4G
    • Samsung Galaxy S II (Epic 4G Touch)
    • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    • Motorola Razor
    • HTC Sensation
Where & how can I download the app?
  • For iPhone, iPod touch & iPad: iTunes App Store
    • From  mobile device:  Visit the iTunes App Store, which comes pre-installed on each iPhone, iPod touch & iPad, and download The CW Network app directly onto device
    • From computer: Go to iTunes App Store online, install The CW Network app onto  computer, then sync iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to computer and upload app onto device
  • For Android phone/tablet: Google Play
    • From mobile device: Visit the Google Play store, which comes pre-installed on all Android devices, and download The CW Network app directly onto the Android handset or tablet
    • From computer: Go to - Google Play online, and install The CW Network app onto computer, then sync Android phone or tablet to computer and upload app onto device
How often will content be updated within the app?
  • Full episodes will be uploaded into the app the day after it airs on The CW Network
  • Content will be updated daily
If I already have "The CW Full Episodes" iPhone app, do I need to install the new app?
  • Yes, this is a brand new app, not an app update to the old app
  • Requires all users who installed previous app to download new app
Who should I contact if I see something wrong with the app? Why isn't content loading into the app?
  • The app requires internet connection to function, without a good signal, content quality can be compromised
  • Users may not have flash 10.0 for Android or iOS 4 – without these versions of software, the app will not function properly
Why is the video playback slow and/or freezing?
  • Video quality is dependent upon internet connection and signal quality
  • Due to flash complications, video on Android devices may tend to freeze or be poor in quality.  Make sure you have updated Flash on your device.
  • Not having sufficient amount of bandwidth on mobile device will also affect video quality, and could cause video to go black and audio to continue playing
Why doesn't The CW Network app feature all programs that air on my local CW channel?
  • The CW Network app will include content from CW Network's prime time schedule
Why doesn't the app work in my country?
  • The CW Network app is available within the United States and U.S. Territories only
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