You be the 4th Judge!

We are posting the final pictures from all of our Cycle 21 photo shoots here. Vote for all 14 models and then leave a comment, or a video comment! We might select your comment for use on the air. We will bring back one of the models based on YOUR VOTES.

Tune in this summer to see if we picked your comment!

During the next few weeks, we will continue to post photos of the new cycle 21 models. Visit and vote.

Every voting period, we will choose the most entertaining, and insightful videos to include on the air this SUMMER.

Don't forget to watch for updates so you can dress up in our photo shoot theme and really stand out.

Tune in when the show airs this summer and find out if you were included in the episode.

For full voting rules, please review the Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I vote for my favorite contestant?
  • During one of the scheduled polling periods, login to the page using an existing social network login from Facebook, Twitter, Google, or any of the other ones listed. When viewing photos in the gallery, you are given the option to rate each model on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. Once all of the models have been rated, you may submit your vote by clicking the "VOTE NOW" button underneath the photo. You must vote on each model, or else your votes will not be submitted.
When can I vote?
  • Voting occurs during scheduled days between 12:00pm to 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time (9:00am to 8:59pm Pacific Standard Time.)
  • The following list of scheduled voting days are subject to change:
    1. 2/20/2014
    2. 2/23/2014
    3. 2/27/2014
    4. 3/2/2014
    5. 3/5/2014
    6. 3/8/2014
    7. 3/12/2014
    8. 3/15/2014
    9. 3/22/2014
    10. 3/25/2014
    11. 3/28/2014
    12. 4/1/2014
What web browsers are supported?
  • All of the latest web browsers are supported, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.
Can I vote and comment using my smartphone?
  • This year's voting experience has also been optimized for use on most mobile devices, including iPhone and Android smartphones.
How do I record a video comment?
  • Once you've logged in, scroll down to the comments field. Click on the video camera icon and follow the subsequent prompts.
  • In order to record a video comment, you must have the Adobe Flash Player installed as well as a working webcam attached to your computer.
Can I record a video comment using my smartphone?
  • Not yet.
Why won't it let me vote?
  • If you are having difficulties trying to vote during one of the voting periods mentioned above, please try clearing your browser's cache and deleting your cookies, then try again. If that doesn't work, please try using another web browser.
  • For assistance specific to your web browser, please view the help documentation bundled with your browser.
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