Episode Song Title Album Artist Buy
107 Need You Need You - Single Sam Evian
107 Glory Days Glory Days - Single The Federal Empire
107 You Might Get Burned Manhattan Production Music Raul Medina
107 Hot Under the Habit Self-titled Pinky Pinky
107 Dirty Whiskey Glasses Manhattan Production Music Raul Medina
107 Nurse Ratched Apocalipstick Cherry Glazerr
106 Stride By Stride Stride By Stride Mount Holly
106 You're In Control In Low Light Killer Workout
106 Talk O The Town Unknown album Jonathan Rado
106 Dawning On Me Darling Arithmetic Villagers
106 Stellar HEAVN Jamila Woods
106 Not Gonna Break Me Self-titled Jamie N Commons
106 Fate Don’t Know You Fate Don't Know You - Single Desi Valentine
105 Rest Of It Hard Love Strand of Oaks
105 Whatever You Need Unknown album C.S. Armstrong
105 Nightingale A Coliseum Complex Museum The Besnard Lakes
105 Take Me Down Unknown album Beam of Lights
104 When Did I Decide To Be Plum Slump Peter Wolf Crier
104 PCL545 String Quartet No.13 in A minor “Rosamunde”: Andante Crucial Music Corporation Crucial Music Studio Musicians
104 HoneyPie BabyLove Unknown album Thataboy
104 Growing Pains Growing Pains Layup
104 Maybe We'll Change Vacation Photo Ops
104 Just Breathe La Vie Est Belle Petite Noir
104 XXX The Making Of The Bohicas
103 Watch Me Walk Watch Me Walk – Single Jay Watts
103 Blend Party Aldous Harding
103 Make It Out Alive This Life, Vol. 1 Coasts
103 Better Than Then, Closer To Now Reservoir Gordi
103 You Knew I Was A Snake Dunbarrow Dunbarrow
103 To Die For The Making Of The Bohicas
103 The Roof Where The Messengers Meet Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band
103 This I Know Savage Times Hanni El Khatib
102 Walk In The Wild Walk In The Wild - Single RIVVRS
102 Set Forth Poster Tijuana Panthers
102 For Blood Rip This Bass Drum Of Death
102 Diving Woman Soft Sounds From Another Planet Japanese Breakfast
102 No Place I'd Rather Be No Place I'd Rather Be - Single Marc Baker
102 My Smile Is Extinct Two Hearts and No Brain Kane Strang
102 1234 City Music Kevin Morby
101 A Little Better All Night All Night
101 Cruel Companion Cruel Companion - Single Baskery
101 Ran The Far Field Future Islands
101 Alone Watch Out Lover RØRSTAD
101 Electric Rip This Bass Drum of Death
101 Throw A Bone Unknown album Baskery
101 Future Starts Slow Blood Pressures The Kills
iHeart Jingleball