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Episode Song Title Album Artist Buy
113 If You Went Away Boy Who Cried Thunder EP; Zap Records Daniel Wilson
113 Odd Mistake Saints and Sebastian Stories; Terrorbird Media, LLC o/b/o Cascine Konradsen
113 The Open Road Reverie; Hybris Postiljonen
113 See Fallout and Fire / See – Single; Sofaburn Records R. Ring
113 On the Sidelines Panic in Hampton Bays; Selected/Works Citris
113 Limbo Lissom; Whales Records Lissom, Julien Marchal & Ed Tullett
113 Better Now Bloom; Pure Noise Records Carpool Tunnel
113 Oh What a Love Oh What a Love – Single; Self-released Kina Grannis
113 Bats In The Attic (Unravelled) Diamond Mine Jubilee Edition; Domino Recording Co. Ltd. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
113 Famous Iridesce / Famous – Single; Lowswimmer Records Hailaker
113 An Opening Lines; Terrorbird Media, LLC o/b/o Charlie Cunningham / Dumont Dumont Charlie Cunningham
113 Eve I Can Tell You About Pain – Single; Epitaph Records Converge
112 Can't See You Can’t See You – Single; Self-released Roller Derby
112 Camera Young Enough; Bank Robber Music, LLC o/b/o Barsuk Records Charly Bliss
112 CMI24414 That's My Girl In There Crucial Music Corporation Nathan Mathes
112 Nothing Is Done APM Music APM Studio Musicians & Singers
112 Boy Life on Mars – EP; 3TEN Recordings LLC Sylvee
112 CMI12609 Statuette Crucial Music Corporation Miss Geo
112 Something About Your Way Makes You Happy; Melody Haunts Reverie Mary Anne's Polar Rig
112 All The Wrong Places The Jungle Giants – EP; Amplifire Music The Jungle Giants
112 Nothing But Heart C’mon; Sup Pop Records Low
112 Gloria Gloria Duplex; Akira Records Henry Jamison
112 Need You Need You Mission Control; ATO Records The Whigs
112 Return, Return Again Stubborn Persistent Illusions; Constellation Records Do Make Say Think
112 We Dissolve (stripped down version) We Dissolve (stripped down version) – Single; BOII Music BOII
111 Steady Heart Like An Island (Deluxe) Bryde
111 unearth me Galore Oklou
111 Someday Bell of Wool Blaue Blume
111 CMI27263 The Wrong Side Crucial Music Corporation No Alarms
111 I Wear Your Dress Hymns for the Exiled Anais Mitchell
111 Needer Jockeys of Love Toledo
111 Day Is Coming Salt Katie Kim
111 Piel de Mar Dejemos Ir María Colores
111 Beautiful Life Wake Colouring
111 Doppelgänger Lissom Lissom, Julien Marchal & Ed Tullett
110 Orange Orange – Single Ivy Lab & Two Fingers
110 Tell The Keeper Young Familiar Christians & Lions
110 I Know You So Well I Know You So Well – Single Sagun
110 Protector In Flames Kandle
110 Morning Morning Polarsets
110 Teenage Wasteland Attica Wussy
110 Internet Gaming Internet Gaming – Single WRENN
110 A Dead Channel Blues Stranded, Not Lost VLMV
110 OMW ((( 2 ))) ((( O ))) & FKJ
110 Idea It Feels The Same Everytime – EP Elly Swope
110 Albert Ross Wild Pink Wild Pink
110 Piano Lessons APM Music APM Studio Musicians
110 Found A Light Found A Light – Single Celine Cairo
109 He Shall Feed His Flock Christmas Presence Merrill Collins
109 Peppermint Schnapps Another NY Christmas (Piss The Season) – Single Wyldlife
109 Don't You Wanna Discovery GRMLN
109 Ahoy! It's Christmas Ahoy! It’s Christmas – Single; Koze Music Frank Creem and The Dream Machine
109 Il Dulci Jubilo N/A Production
109 Christmas Without You Unknown album Nik Freitas
109 Dance (Around The Fake Fir Tree) Dance (Around The Fake Fir Tree) – Single Mark W. Georgsson
109 Home Soon Vagabon Vagabon
109 Everything Right Call In The Mess Nervous Dater
109 Seasonal Shift Seasonal Shift Calexico
109 A Christmas Sort of Dream AML Aperture Music Library LLC We Know, Plato!
109 Ugly Xmas Sweater Party Indie Christmas 2020 Girlhouse
109 Splintered (Acoustic) Pendulum Acoustic – EP Aisha Badru
109 Once In Royal David's Piano APM Music APM Studio Musicians
109 State Lines Birthplace Novo Amor
109 To Just Grow Away There’s No Leaving Now The Tallest Man On Earth
109 Fear of Christmas Post Map Club 061 Lost Map Christmas Card Compilation FELL
109 Best Time of Year A APM Music APM Studio Musicians & Singers
108 Time To Go (Feat. French for Rabbits) ASMR Love Letters – EP lindsay
108 This Is Not A Love Song Warped Wendy Rae Fowler
108 Evil Baby Dark Music In The Sun GRMLN
108 You FOF10: Friends of Friends at 10 Delhia de France
108 Let It Storm Jaget? Benjamin Gustafsson
108 Lullaby / Coming Home Indoors – EP Adult Karate
108 Let It Go By Let It Go By – Single Fiora & Robot Koch
108 Relocate As Much Again Kauf
107 Dizzy Hyperview Title Fight
107 Power Show Me How You Disappear Ian Sweet
107 Free Throw (feat. KRIS) HYPE NOSTALGIA Rituals of Mine
107 Tamper Everything I Know – EP ZOLA
107 No Face I Need To Start A Garden Haley Heynderickx
107 So Good Rolodex French Cassettes
107 Slow Burn Social Piranha – EP Jenny Mayhem
107 The Wind Was Like A Train A Billion Little Lights Wild Pink
107 Beneath The Wave Unreleased Bruises
107 Back To The Start Back To The Start – Single KALI
107 The Boulder Myth Geographer
107 Cold Day In Hell AML Aperture Music Library LLC The Temporary Thing
107 Hang Up the Spurs Cinemechanica Cinemechanica
107 Into The Void APM Music APM Studio Musicians & Singers
107 El Camino AML Aperture Music Library LLC Elliot Glass
106 Ships With Holes Will Sink These Four Walls We Were Promised Jetpacks
106 Old Days Solo Takes Jack M. Senff
106 My Hands Grow Printer’s Devil Ratboys
106 Big Machines Feels Weird Bent Shapes
106 En Mi Mente En Mi Mente – Single Tita
106 Fuguefat Hexadecagon The Octopus Project
106 Hoax I Never Wanted Company Ramonda Hammer
106 My Guess Is As Good As Yours Hello Love Earthy Babes
106 CMI31304 Flying Too Fast Crucial Music Corporation Acid Rescues
106 I Wanna Say To You Flowers in the Spring The Molochs
106 Sleep In The Heat The Dream Is Over PUP
106 Great White Can’t Do No Good skeemers
106 Lost in the Country Lost in the Country Trace Mountains
106 A Giant Swallow Parallel Timeline Slothrust
106 Garage APM Music APM Studio Musicians & Singers
105 Touch Touch – Single TIAAN
105 Watch Me Unknown album Pep Squad
105 Ride of the Valkyries de Wolfe Music USA, Inc. De Wolfe Studio Musicians
105 The Big One King of the Dudes – EP Sunflower Bean
105 CMI31087 East Coast Crucial Music Corporation CASTLEBEAT
105 Slow Drive Make Well – EP Moon Panda
105 Wander Hank Güero
105 I'm Not Here (Original Score) I’m Not Here (Original Score) – Single ME + T
105 Now That I Know You Audio Network US, Inc. Audio Network Studio Musicians & Singers
105 Don't Help Me Up Under the New Morning Sun 4 Guys from the Future
105 This Heat Auto-Pain Deeper
105 Same Mistakes All That Emotion Hannah Georgas
105 Bosque Oscuro Nuestro Día Vendrá Prehistöricos
105 CMI31198 On The Wire Crucial Music Corporation Don Vail
104 Isumavunga My All To You Beatrice Deer
104 Get Away Get Away – Single Dylan Sinclair
104 CMI30028 This Attraction Crucial Music Corporation Velvet Mind
104 Thru the Sky Thru the Sky – Single Private Island
104 By the Stream APM Music APM Studio Musicians & Singers
104 Domine Deus, Agnus Dei N/A Production
104 Rabbits APM Music APM Studio Musicians & Singers
104 Human Heart Eucharist Luke De-Sciscio
104 Everything My Heart Desires AML Aperture Music Library LLC Norman Kelsey
104 CMI29674 Eyes Right Crucial Music Corporation SRRY
104 Wildflowers Wildflowers – Single Haiva Ru
104 Simmer Petals for Armor Hayley Williams
104 Lucky Just Look At That Sky Ganser
104 I Was Here But I Disappear Feels Weird Bent Shapes
104 The All Time High Blind as Night Team Me
104 Little Ones Run Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything Three Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
104 Medicine Orca Gus Dapperton
103 Bow and Arrow Ex Nihilo – EP Versus
103 I Know All What I Do Phase Jack Garratt
103 Twist In The Dark Drum Gold Class
103 Follow Follow – Single Bodywash
103 Clementine Disposable Story One
103 Deep Peace Air Guitar Sat. Nite Duets
103 Dancer Denmark Daddy’s Beemer
103 Cool For a Second Truth or Consequences Yumi Zouma
103 Grounds Ultra Mono IDLES
103 Forever Holy Matrimony Lizdelise
103 Blue Comanche Your Hero Is Not Dead Westerman
103 The One I Love Pearl Ellen Krauss
103 Revolution 10 Jura Larytta
102 Skies Can Bring Unknown album Grey Reverend
102 CMI20016 Go By Feel Crucial Music Corporation Michael Wheeler
102 Blue State NIL Wolf & Cub
102 CMP4028 Breaking News Crucial Music Corporation Andrew Oye
102 Timebomb Timebomb – Single Walk the Moon
102 Verona (Stripped) Verona (Stripped) – Single Geographer
102 Finish Line Reservoir Fanfarlo
102 Running On Fumes Diamond Mine King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
102 Quiet Young Mountain This Will Destroy You
102 Canada Audio Network US, Inc. Audio Network Studio Musicians
102 Sun Rose AML Aperture Music Library LLC Norman Kelsey
102 Run Warped Wendy Rae Fowler
101 Long Nights We Are the Only Friends We Have Piebald
101 R.E.D. We Are the Halluci Nation The Halluci Nation
101 Quiero Foam Divino Niño
101 Die Young Die Young – EP Brett
101 (You're Better) Than Ever Kiss Yr Frenemies illuminati hotties
101 Roller Plaza Quilt
101 Éspiri Tornaluna Vanessa Zamora
101 Pom Pom Moves Permission OBJECT AS SUBJECT
101 Street Justice Darkness Rains Death Valley Girls
101 Sister Cities Painted Shut Hop Along
101 Mona Lisa Tried AML Aperture Music Library LLC Mark Lane
101 Loss & Relax Loss & Relax b/w Half Colored Hair – Single Black Belt Eagle Scout
101 Only The Strong Song For Our Daughter Laura Marling
101 Gold Guns Girls Fantasies Metric
101 Crown of Age Look At Life Again Soon The Ettes